Saga Prefecture Oku-takeo hot spring KAZENOMORI







Hoshi Star

A beautiful star in a night sky.
It is suitable for the name of a star.
This room is a place nearest to a star.

Ki Tree

The square open-air bath made from a stone.
Quiet space surrounded by the tree.
Time to get used to a natural part.

Hi Sun

A Jacuzzi type open-air bath.
The guest room most wrapped in the light of the sun.

Tsuki Moon

An open-air bath is the Bali Island style.
The inside of a bathtub is also illuminated at night.

Sora Sky

Empty blue is conspicuous.
The green of the ground is clear.
The place at which they cross.

Mori Woods

It is a favorite place here.
The open-air bath surrounded by woods.
A design with a deep Japanese style.

Kaze Wind

A large wood deck.
Wooden bathtubs are embedded.
A quiet wind and quiet time.


An individual open-air bath.

Each of seven rooms have an open-air bath where designs differ. The hot water of Oku-takeo hot spring has an effect good for skin. However, it is seldom large at 20 liters per hour.

You sleep on the bed of large size.

A guest room is a Japanese and Western room type fundamentally. Since each has a big window, it is very bright in the interior of a room.

Refined interior design.

As for the interior design of the guest room, even details pierce through an owner's prejudice. Since indirect illumination is used abundantly, it is a calm atmosphere.